• NativeScript
  • Home Automation (i.e. X10, Z-Wave)
  • Home Media Servers (i.e. audio, photos, ebooks and movies)
  • Game Media Servers (i.e. no more disks needed)
  • Home Security (i.e. sensors, cameras)
  • SQL (MSSQL, MySQL, PostgresSQL, SQLite)
  • NoSQL (Couchbase, Mongo, Redis, Memcached)
  • Frameworks (Polymer, AngularJS, React, Smarty, rActive)
  • OS's (Linux, Windows, Dos, BSD, iOS, Android)
  • JavaScript (NodeJS, Node-WebKit, PhantomJS, SlimmerJS)
  • HTML5 (WebSocket, SVG, Canvas, Pointer, CSS, Service Workers, WebAudio, WebGL, CSP, Crypto, Speech, WebRTC, WebSQL)
  • Security (Web, U2F, Fido, Forensics, Pentesting, BYOD, DLP, SEG, SWG)
  • Cloud (Amazon, Azure, RackSpace, private)
  • Automation (Chef, Puppet, Bash, Batch, PowerShell, Monit)
  • Internet Services(Apache, NGIX, Curl, proFTP, FetchMail, Dovecot, Samba, SSH)
  • Virtualization (Cloud, Desktop, Servers, VMWare, VirtualBox, Xen, KVM)
  • and much more...

    As a developer who has been developing software for over 20 years in a large number of industries; and with my wide skill set and knowledge base; finding a solution for your problems is easily accomplished.

    I program in variety of languages tailored for your specific need. So if you need a Windows or Mobile application, or just a fully mobile ready website, I can easily create it for you and even host it on my servers or in the Cloud depending on your needs.

    I also have wide experience in troubleshooting the low levels of the operating systems DOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android operating systems. So, if you need diagnostics of any of your system issues, it can be done rapidly.

    If you need Audio/Video/Game, networking, or just computer controlled hardware integration; I can also handle it.

    Due to my ability to do both hardware and software (typically called DevOps); your solutions are typically much better designed and implemented than someone who can only do the software side of things.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions you might have.